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Why I Like The ThinkPad T Series More Than The Other ThinkPad Laptops

At the moment, if I were to pick a laptop from Lenovo, I’d go with one from the ThinkPad T Series. Personally, I think it provides the best balance of features in what I’m looking for in a laptop. This is considering factors such as price, design, and mobility.

I’ve always liked the ThinkPad brand. You see ThinkPad machines everywhere in the corporate world because they’re renown for their durability and reliability. They’re no-nonsense notebooks that can be depended on. That would be the reason I’d go ThinkPad over IdeaPad.

There are many product lines in the ThinkPad family. My preference for the T Series is because I feel like it offers a little of everything. When I’m thinking laptop, I want it to be portable. That would eliminate the W Series. I also want it to be above average in performance. That would throw out the L Series. Price should be reasonable, and the X Series can get quite expensive. That leaves the Edge and the T Series.

ThinkPad Edge laptops are a little too hip for me. They break away from the conventional ThinkPad appearance. Some consumers might like the different accents and they’re not bad looking. However, I like simple and clean designs, so I would opt for the T Series because of that.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T Series comes in 3 different models right now: T430, T430s and T530. The first two have 14″ displays and the third has a 15.6″ display. The T430s features a more slim chassis for those that want an even more mobile computing solution.

When you browse Lenovo’s website under the ThinkPad T Series section, you’ll see several systems associated with each model. These models are simply different configurations for the system and are differentiated by the numbers that come after the colons. Customization is available but usually this entails minor options such as software and accessories, so pick the base system configuration you want first before deciding which system you want to purchase.

Here’s a good highlight tour of features found on ThinkPad T Series laptops. It briefly but effectively summarizes the main points users will benefit from. Check it out and you’ll see why I like Lenovo’s ThinkPad T Series so much.

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A Different Kind of Ultrabook

Out with netbooks and in with ultrabooks. Apple’s MacBook Air started the trend and the push has coming on with Intel pumping more and more money into this new form factor. Consumers are now beginning to see an increasing selection of ultrabook models from the various computer manufacturers.

Besides the obvious attributes found on many ultrabooks on the market today, such as the thin and light chassis and the ultra-low voltage Intel processor, what other characteristics can be noted? Not much. However, Toshiba is trying to distinguish its ultrabook product line with the Satellite U845W Series. What shoppers will find that’s different and unique is an ultrawide display screen, something that might be intriguing for some users.

With its Satellite U845W, Toshiba is doing something that is at least different, if nothing else: this laptop takes the same insides used in other Ultrabooks and adds an ultra-wide 1792×768 display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, taking aim directly at movie buffs and multitaskers who need or want lots of horizontal elbow room for their windows.

Read More at Putting the wide in widescreen: the Toshiba Satellite U845W reviewed

With this display, the appeal will definitely be geared toward multi-window power uses.  Those that frequently multitask between different windows or applications will surely find the ability to have multiple active windows a convenient feature.  Use it to stay productive or to split time between work and entertainment.  Toshiba even includes a utility to facilitate this.

To enhance the utility of the wide screen to heavy multitaskers, Toshiba has included a Split Screen utility, one of the most useful OEM add-ons I’ve encountered recently. It allows you to resize a pair of windows to take up disproportionate parts of the screen—allowing, for example, one window to take up a 1024 or 1366-pixel-wide space, and the second window to use the remainder. This can be useful in cases where you’ve got a browser or a document that needs more space, and another program like an IM or Twitter client that only needs a narrow strip.

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Satellite U840W Coupon

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A Look at IdeaPad S2110 Tablet PC

While the buzz has been on the upcoming release of Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2, another Lenovo tablet should not be overlooked.  The IdeaPad S2110, while not truly a tablet in the sense that what we see today, is still a pretty nifty mobile computing device.

The IdeaPad S2110 is actually a Tablet PC, something which consumers have not seen for some time now.  What we’ve seen more of these days are the tablet slates.  The Tablet PC is essentially a small notebook, something like a netbook, but with a display that can be swiveled around to convert the system into a slate tablet.  Usually these machines are a little thicker and heavier, but they’re also a little bit more powerful.

Unlike the ThinkPad Tablet 2, the IdeaPad S2110 is running on Google’s Android operating system, rather than on Windows.  The Tablet PC also is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as opposed to an Intel processor which is found on the ThinkPad Tablet 2.

For more thorough discussion on this product, check out the article below.  A snippet is provided for you as a preview.

While I think it’s better-looking than Lenovo’s ThinkPad line of business PCs, which tend to be boxy, this IdeaPad lacks some of the pizzazz of other consumer PCs. It’s functional but not sexy, like a buttoned-up professional trying to let loose at the after-work party, without really succeeding.

More at Lenovo IdeaPad S2110: A Solid Convertible, but It Won’t Blow Your Hair Back

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Minimal Bloatware on Toshiba Satellite Laptops

Getting a new laptop is always an exciting experience, but there is one aspect that I always hate; that would be uninstalling all the bloatware that comes the system. Why can’t laptop manufacturers just give me a clean laptop and let me install the applications that I want and will use? Instead I get a bunch of programs and trial software that I’ll never use and that bog down my system resources. What a waste of my time when I need to get rid of such garbage and declutter my desktop space.

Fortunately with Toshiba laptops that’s not the case. Pre-installed software is kept at a minimal and is not very intrusive to the performance of the system. You’ll also get your complementary suite of utilities and tools, which does come in handy every so now and then.

If you’re an everyday computer user, consider checking out Toshiba’s Satellite line. There is a large selection of models. From prebuilt ones to customizable ones and from 14″ to 17.3″ displays. Lots of machines to choose from and lots of configurations to go with.

Toshiba doesn’t ship the P855 with much in the way of bloatware. Our review unit arrived with absolutely no desktop icons besides the Recycle Bin and only a handful of Toshiba utilities. Norton Internet Security was installed as a trial, however, and prompted us with pop-ups a number of times.
Many of the Toshiba utilities have some use. Eco Mode, though often impractical, does extend battery life well past what’s possible with the normal Windows power-saving profile. There’s also a shock detector that halts hard drive use when the laptop is jostled, and a switch that lets the user turn off power to the optical drive when it’s not needed.

We think Toshiba ties Lenovo for the best mix of useful software and a minimum of annoying bloatware. Acer, Asus, Dell and HP are all far behind.

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Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons: 9/27 to 10/3

If you want to save on Lenovo laptop, whether it be an IdeaPad or a ThinkPad, purchase it online here using Lenovo coupons. Every week Lenovo releases new deals on select models. These promotions take off quite a bit, resulting in instant savings for you. Plus shipping on computer orders is always free.

This week’s special offers improves on last week. Sale prices are better on the more expensive models. Check it out for yourself. For example, on IdeaPad Y480 Laptops, you can save up to $550. There are plenty of other notebooks to choose from. Take your time and browse through the different product categories below to see more details.

New Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons

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Purchasing Guide:

ThinkPad (Powered for productivity, Rock-solid reliability, Uncompromised security)

  • L Series – Environmentally friendly
  • Edge Series – Small-business style
  • T Series – Portable powerhouse
  • X Series – Mobile freedom
  • X Tablet Series – Versatility to go
  • W Series – Ultimate mobile workstation

IdeaPad (Stylish laptops and Ultrabooks, Enhanced multimedia, Innovative technology)

  • S Series – Web connectivity anytime, anywhere
  • U Series – Super slim designer notebooks and ultrabooks
  • Y Series – Series entertainment
  • Z Series – Affordable entertainment


Sony Finally Has An Ultrabook Product Line

It’s taken Sony a while, but there’s finally a decent ultrabook for consumers to get their hands on and that would be the VAIO T Series. We’ve seen other laptops, such as those found in the VAIO Z Series and maybe even to some extent those found in the VAIO S Series, but those haven’t been true ultrabooks. The VAIO Z Series is more of a performance laptop that also is ridiculously priced, and the VAIO S Series doesn’t have the Intel ULV processors running in them.

So how does the VAIO T Series compare with the other ultrabooks that are out? Do the build and performance stand out with say ultrabook models form Toshiba or Lenovo? In some areas there are certainly highlights to be impressed with and in others maybe not so much. Check out this general review on Sony VAIO T Ultrabooks. A snippet is pasted below.

A small, lightweight Ultrabook, the Sony Vaio T is barely noticeable in a messenger bag or backpack. The Vaio T shares a lot of the same design features as its more expensive brother, the Vaio Z; however, the T is aimed more at people who want premium styling without the major price hike that many premium designs command, nor have the need for a full-voltage processor (hence why the Vaio Z isn’t defined as an Ultrabook).

More at Sony VAIO T Ultrabook Review


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ThinkPad 2 Tablet Release Date & Price Set

Lenovo has announced that the ThinkPad 2 Tablet will debut on October 26, 2012 at $799. This tablet is a much anticipated product for some, as it will be one of a few handful of tablets to be released with Windows 8, which is also set to be available for purchase on the same date. Microsoft has given its flagship product what appears to be a complete makeover, gearing its operating system on multi-gesture functionality. It will be interesting how receptive consumers will to this new design.

A couple of points to note. The ThinkPad 2 Tablet will be running on an Intel processor. It will also come with the full Microsoft Office 2013 package of software applications. These two highlights should make the tablet very appealing to those in the business professional segment.

What you see here is the Lenovo ThinkPad 2. It’s a Windows 8 tablet that will ship with a full QWERTY keyboard, giving you a laptop-like experience when you need it. And it’s going to sell for $799. This was formally revealed at PepCom in New York City where the Lenovo rep said that the ThinkPad 2 would indeed sell for that price when it launched on October 26.

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Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons: 9/25 to 10/1

It’s another Tuesday and new Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons are out. These deals are slightly better than last week’s. Special offers are going to be available for a week as usual, so that means they expire on October 1.

Check out the promotions for Qosmio (gaming) laptops and Satellite (mainstream) laptops. There are some huge savings for them this week. Get up to $500 off, such as on Qosmio F755-3D150 Laptop, and get up to $410 off, such as on Satellite P850-BT2N22 Laptop.

This Week’s Savings:

  • Discounts up to $500 on Qosmio Laptops (Qosmio F755-3D150 Laptop)
  • Discounts up to $120 on Portege Laptops (Portege Z935-ST2N03 Ultrabook)
  • Discounts up to $298 on Tecra Laptops (R940-SMBN22 Laptop)
  • Discounts up to $410 on Satellite Laptops (Satellite P850-BT2N22 Laptop)

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A 15″ Ultrabook From Lenovo

Ultrabooks are going to be making a splash, as more laptop manufacturers produce them to meet the increase in demand for them. Intel is trying to give the ultrabook form factor a push, investing lots into the technology and marketing for these machines.

Up to now, we’ve seen ultrabooks with primarily 13″ displays. There are a handful of 14″ systems, such as those recently released by Toshiba in the Satellite U Series. Lenovo is pushing the envelope and pioneering the 15″ ultrabooks. Sounds kind of ridiculous right? However, there is certainly people interested.

The IdeaPad U Series is Lenovo’s product category for mainstream ultrabooks. In the next month or so, Lenovo will be introducing the IdeaPad U510 Ultrabook.

Lenovo is stepping into the large end of the Ultrabook Spectrum, the 15″ class. The IdeaPad U510 Ultrabook seeks to “combine the best features of a tradition laptop with the sleek aesthetics and desirable qualities of a tablet”, according to Lenovo.

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A Thorough Video Review of Satellite U840 Ultrabook

Toshiba has introduced a new product line in the Satellite U Series. This group of mobile computing machines features mainstream ultrabooks that are priced for the average everyday casual computer user.

There are two sub-groups within this series: U840 and U840W. The ‘W’ designation signifies a widescreen variant, which means that models have a 14.4″ display that carries a 21:9 aspect ratio. All other U840 models have a 14″ display.

Lisa at MobileTechReview, gives an extremely thorough review on Toshiba Satellite U840 Ultrabooks. You can check out the article and video review below.


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